ADERA is an non-profit association which has as its main purpose to protect, support and inform its members which all activate in the dermopigmentation and aesthetics industry.

NPM Romania believes in a professional integrity and in fairly promoting its products dedicated to dermopigmentation. What a professional dermopigmentist uses in his procedures must be 100% safe, qualitative and trustworthy. The instruments of a dermopigmentist are the products he uses and if these don’t meet the accepted legal standards then the procedure is compromised.

NPM Romania became an ADERA partner because we desire to join a cause in which we believe in, and why not, to maybe help in creating a better future.

Les Professionnels Magazine

Les Professionnels Magazine presents a magazine concept which is dedicated exclusively to professional products and services from the following sectors: cosmetics, make-up, hair and nail-art. A bonus addition constitutes B.Book which is dedicated entirely to dermopigmentation.

Because we love everything to be realized professionally and fairly we choose to collaborate beautifully with Les Professionnels Magazine and B.Book.

NPM Clients – Dermopigmentation Professionals