NPM Ltd. was established in 2005 in the vicinity of Israel’s northern shoreline, in a high-tech industrial and technological park. NPM’s innovative products – ORON 58S, ORON 60, GLOW 7, GLOW 10 and GLOW Unlimited for permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation as well our Fountain Pen designed hand piece are currently sold all around the world and can be found at leading institutes. NPM is a world leader specializing in the technique of inserting pigments into the skin, improving appearance and emphasizing the existing natural lines. NPM also specializes in aesthetic reconstruction with medical backup of tones and colors based on the skin areas.

With NPM’s experience and the extensive Research and Development in the field of permanent makeup and micro-pigmentation, NPM launched a series of products which have amazing and accurate results in aesthetic improvement and repair. Our recent line of products consists of the ORON’s series devices, the HFS roller (USA Patent No. 61-561,949) along with our needles and colors collection (PMU & HFS pigments). NPM’s devices, accessories and pigments are manufactured in accordance with strict quality assurance standards and meet the most stringent international standards.

Produse NPM Romania

Our products are proudly covering a full range of micro-pigmentation treatments such as permanent makeup, hair follicle simulation & aesthetic paramedical treatments.
All of our solutions in the micro-pigmentation field employ the most recent techniques & technologies based on sophisticated computerization and design. NPM is now recognized as an international leader in the field of micro-pigmentation with a worldwide distribution chain covering over 28 countries in five continents and is continuing to grow.

Our new GLOW Gadget series is your gateway to the international PMU industry, and your personal tool to connect to thousands of other masters, artists, professionals and doctors from all across the world.

The new GLOW Gadgets stand out from any existing PMU device by combining powerful and precise working functionalities and operational PMU hardware with wi-fi features and a built in social network.In your GLOW device you can create your own business or personal profile- where you can manage your clients and their history of treatments, your schedule and your stock. You can promote yourself in the industry by communicating and discussing with other professionals from across the world. You will gain access to a virtual classroom- where you can learn new techniques from world-known masters by the press of a button, and you can also upload your own videos and lessons which will be displayed on GLOWs all across the globe.

The devices are built in the strictest standards in the market and each GLOW unit contains an advanced core processor, supports two Hand-Pieces and has the ability to display dozens of different RGB LED colors for you to choose from to light up your working surface.



Color is of great importance to the outcome of the makeup. NPM is providing a selection of stable pigments with over 60 shades. Inside each bottle of color, there is a small stainless steel ball, whose purpose is to mix the color uniformly while shaking the bottle. This method ensures correct mixing ratio between the pigments powder to liquid.
This helps to maintain the color quality over time and to prevent the pigment from drying out. All NPM shades come in 12 ml. bottles and they can be mixed together to produce sub shades.

ART COLLECTION for lips and eyebrow dermopigmentation.
Do you want to find pigments that have a beautiful healing result and that do not change their hue? Try it now ART Collection !!!

The new pigments for dermopigmentation of the eyebrows and lips have a creamy texture, excellent retention, high durability and do not change their healing color.
The pigments can be used individually or mixed to obtain the desired shade. Inside each bottle there is a stainless steel ball, which uniforms the color and prevents the pigment from drying out.

Eyebrow colors

The NPM Collection for Eyebrows has 15 colors of high quality dedicated to micro-pigmentation. The collection has warm colors, they adhere better to the skin, they are more durable and they avoid red tones.

Seduction Collection

Created for microblading and eyebrow hair stroke. Try them and you will notice:

  • A better fixation of the color
  • Tones that don’t transform
  • Tones that don’t migrate

NPM Seduction collection contains 9 different high quality colors, destined to create a beautiful hair stroke eyebrow.
All shades come in 12 ml. bottles and they can be mixed together to produce sub-shades.

Lips Collection

One of the best pigments for lip liner, full lips and correction, made in Israel. These pigments are tested and certified. The 7 nuances are made to satisfy all your clients needs. We guarantee the best results! The Lips Collection has warm and intense colors, resist long in the skin and their colors are vibrant. They can be mixed together to produce sub-shades.


HFS Colors Collection

HFS Colors Collection contains castor oil, water and glycerin, are mineral based, have the highest quality, are completely safe and provides a nice and stable color. There are eight basic shades for the HFS treatment.

All shades come in 30 ml bottles and are sufficient for 7 to 10 treatments. To avoid reddish or gray/blueish undertones you can use from the beginning correction scalp colors, olive green and salmon.

The color should last between 1 to 3 years depending on the health of the client, their sun exposure and habits. It is most recommended to do a touch up procedure once a year to obtain best results.

Correction Colors

NPM Correction Collection contains 6 different high quality colors, destined to correct pigments which fade red, orange, purple, grey or blue and also to cover scars, some skin diseases and pigment spots, for a beautiful aspect of the skin.

All shades come in 12 ml. bottles and they can be mixed together to achieve the desired result.

Areola Colors Collection

The NPM Areola Colors Collection have 12 colors of high quality which bring a lot to the segment of paramedical micro-pigmentation. By combining them you can obtain a realistic and natural areola, thus bringing joy and self-esteem to your clients. You can also camouflage scars, cover skin spots etc.

NPM Needle

The line of needles is made from 316L ROSS stainless steel. This material is licensed for medical use with MSDS report for approval and commonly found in stents.

NPM’s needle is one integral unit meaning the needle and the cover body is one unit. This ensures the needle will stay aligned at all time during its operation. Furthermore, the needle designed to suck the color and to release it only when the needle is in touch with the skin which reduces spills and keeps a clean professional treatment.

While the motor stops, the needle will stay inside. The needles are disposable, for one time use only in order to meet the sterilization standard for medical treatment. all needles apply to Bio-compatible standards (BF).

HFS Rolls

The HFS (Hair Follicle Simulation) Technology was developed by the method’s inventor Moshe Alul, it was invented as an additional part of a permanent makeup system using state-of-the-art technology to perfect a youthful, fresh appearance and impressive solution to balding, thinning hair & hair loss in both men and women.

Latest technologies and extensive experience was invested in the development of our HFS roller (USA Patent No. 61-561,949) in order to achieve completely natural and long-lasting results.

The roller’s spring system vibrates a cluster of 56 needles that are positioned on the roller wheel in a cross-weave pattern. By moving the roller on the scalp, tiny pigment points that resemble hair follicles form.

With the roller system, large areas are filled within several minutes, resulting in a completely realistic texture with remarkably accurate appearance as a hair follicle.

Needles for mesotherapy

Mesotherapy needles available in 9 or 12 needles.

• Affordable

• Effective

• Minimal downtime

• Safe for all skin types

• Natural results

• Minimal discomfort


Mineral Oil

It can be used on the treatment area before the skin being pierced by the needle. This oil assures a a better penetration of skin and reduces the losing of color. The oil must be applied to the skin before the procedure starts and it must be massaged into skin with circular movements on the area which will be tattooed.

It hydrates and maintains the skin elastic, which makes it easier to pierce and the discomfort, felt by the client, gets diminished. Its ideal for people with strong, think skin, it assures a better penetration of the skin and reduced the color loss.

NPM PMU & Tattoo Removal – tattoo removal solution

Lactic acid has the ability to lift more color faster while much safer than the Glycolic. The healing process is very fast and simple. It is a strong product and very efficient. It can erase 95% of the tattoo even from the first procedure.

The procedure can be repeated after 60 days. The needles used are:

  • 52RS 0.25 Intended for smaller areas such as eyeliner tips, lips liner etc.
  • 88RS 0.25 Intended for larger areas such as eyebrows, lips and body tattoos

For centuries tattoos were popular for varies reasons such as: social status, traditions, fashion and more. In recent years permanent makeup treatments became popular typically on the found on the face. Unfortunately, there are many bad results, discoloration of the result, unfit design, or simply the client dislike it and wish that it will be removed.